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Mushrooms, worms & more in the school garden!

April Showers brings May Flowers and Mushrooms, is the tune we have been singing around our gardens at Wickaninnish Community School this past month.

During the March Break, Colin Steven's alias - the Mushroom Man - created a mushroom structure with our Seniors Garden Club in the Food Forest. Each day we checked not knowing completely what to expect. By the end of April, the little Blue Oysters started to appear! We can't wait to harvest!

Our little greenhouse has been a plant haven this April. It's kept all our precious seedlings protected from the winds, predators, and rain! Each week we measure, inspect for any health concerns and feed our peas, marigolds, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, calendula, and nasturtium seedlings with a liquid fertilizer from Leah and Mister B! The children enjoyed spraying all parts of the plants and learning that they were boosting their chances of success!

Thank you to Daniel Lamarche for the tour of your gardens and for sharing some worms and compost! We're always in awe of your innovative creations!

We've been exploring the world of mason bees. Hoping to attract many with our new bee hotels, kale that's gone to seed, spring tulips, and primroses. In May, when it is above plus 10, we will place our cocoons around the Food Forest! Hoping they will hatch and be the very best pollinators for our fruit trees and bushes.Thank you Trina at OCN Garden Centre for ordering them for us.

We have loved eating the sorrel, discovering worms again, transplanting, juicing fruits and vegetables, AND discovering new ways to water our plants this month.

Even with all the rain. We've had great fun and continue to love growing and eating our own food. Happy Spring. See you in the garden!

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