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Your Contribution,
Our Mission,
& The Community's


We have a vision of thriving and resilient coastal communities with access to an abundance of healthy local food and an awareness of what can be grown and harvested.


Community partnerships are not just valuable – they are vital.

These collaborations empower us to build a resilient food system that mirrors our shared principles of sustainability, education, and community enrichment.

Whether you are a local business, a fellow nonprofit, an educational institution, or an individual with a heart for community service, your partnership can help us make a significant impact.


Together, we can cultivate educational programs, organize enriching events, and create hands-on opportunities that bring our mission to life.


Join us in this
meaningful journey.

Together, let's sow the seeds of change and growth in our community.

Ways To Partner with TCFI

Your Contribution, Our Mission.
Partnering with TCFI opens up various avenues for impact and collaboration:


Propel our mission, programs, and events with your financial support.

Monetary Contributions

Lend a hand through supplies, equipment loans, services, or volunteer time.

In-Kind Contributions

Amplify our voice by sharing our mission, programs, and
events through your channels.

Promotional Support


through Mutual

Partner Benefits 

Your partnership with TCFI is not just a contribution, but a mutual growth opportunity:


Community Impact

Make a tangible difference in our local food system and
community well-being.

Recognition and Visibility

Get celebrated for your contributions and reach new

Team Building

Foster a philanthropic culture within your organization or business.

Collaborative Growth

Profit from joint fundraising and promotional efforts.

Celebrating Your Contributions


Commitment & Communication Promise  

As a partner, you're an essential part of our community's growth. We celebrate our partners through various channels and provide opportunities for joint community engagement. We ensure your generosity is recognized:


Social Media
Including business profiles for significant contributions.

Features in our newsletter & website

Inclusion in our
Annual Impact Report

Your Contribution

Impacts Our Community's Transformation

Your Role in Community Transformation

Every contribution has a tangible impact. The examples below outline what is possible with your donation:




This amount sponsors an educational bursary, opening doors for enthusiastic learners in our Growing West Coast Gardeners series.


Your donation at this level funds a community workshop,
enabling 10 community members to learn and grow together.



This generous support allows us to host significant community events such as Seedy Saturday, Edible Garden Tours, or the Harvest Celebration, bringing people together to celebrate & learn.


This vital funding covers a month of our School Garden & Intergenerational Programming, nurturing young minds and fostering community bonds across generations.



Substantial contributions are the backbone of TCFI, sustaining our core functions and ensuring the longevity and expansion of our impact.


Join Our Community of Changemakers

Take the first step:

#1 Reach Out:
Contact us or fill out the form below.

#2. Explore Options:
Let's find the perfect fit for your contribution.

#3. Make an Impact:
Directly support our community initiatives.

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Become a part of the Tofino Community Food Initiative.
Apply to be a Partner Now!

Partner Submission
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In which ways are you interested in contributing to TCFI’s mission and programs? (check all that apply)

Thank you so much for getting in touch!

One of our team members will be in touch soon.

Our Partners

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