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February in the School Garden

February was a time of great sunshine and very little rain in our gardens. We are so grateful to have received two water catchments from the late Nancy Powis. The children filled them up, mixed some treasured compost tea in their watering cans and gave our newly planted primroses, strawberries, and blueberries a boost to aid them in their transplanting. The mustard and arugula we planted undercover in the Fall had their first drink of the season too.

We have been feeding our two new compost bins and soil with manure, soil booster, organic fertilizer, veggies, leaves, manure and worm poop to give them a great start to the planting season. Our winter composter will now rest and build up nutrients to feed our beds come summer.

Each week we see new buds, bugs, and birds coming out in our gardens. Learning about all the wonders of them cohabitating teaches us more about a thriving community. We will plot out companion planting and square-foot gardening next month.

We just transplanted many new lettuces and after March break they (as well as spinach, pak choy, potatoes, peas, and radish) will be transplanted for a June feast!

Happy February Friends of the Garden! It's time to clean your tools, put on your gloves and enjoy the beauty of spring!

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