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March in the School Garden

Gardening can be a bit dirty but well worth it.

During the month of March the students were busy bees learning - yes, soil is alive! Our soil is home to many creatures. We all are thrilled to meet a worm and say many thank you's for their poop that adds nutrients to the soil. We know there is water, roots, dead plants and critters, and air and tiny bugs (billions of them) we can't see. We call this biodiversity which means many different things living together.

With that knowledge, we learn the why and how we amend our soils. How the ingredients of our homemade compost and local manure rebuild our soil adding nutrients that we lost through the west coast rainy winter. With gentle hands, we top dress our gardens to not disturb the lives of the worms who are doing their jobs to add to the gardens. We made compost tea to give our newly transplanted strawberries, leeks, baby greens and primrose a healthy drink each week.

Radishes were planted and put undercover, we were so excited to see how much they grew while we were away on break! Although a short month for the students in the gardens, we are always learning and thriving along with our plants with curiousity and hands on experiences.

Happy Spring, Happy Gardeners!

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