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October in the School Garden

We've had a busy October at our Food Forest with over sixty two students and 5 elders participating in our programs weekly! We harvested tomatoes and potatoes for Chef Ron. We transplanted beets, planted tulips, carved and saved seed from our ornamental pumpkins. We baked muffins with zucchini that grew from our gardens and whipped up some delicious pumpkin muffins from scratch.

We transplanted lettuce into our new hoop house and brought kale into our classrooms to watch them grow. Our ground cherries are thriving with the help of our little green thumbs. Some are growing in their classroom and Grandma Jo Jo has the others in her greenhouse. We say it's always an experiment being young farmers.

We've been really enjoying the fall season. Thanks to all our volunteers for coming out and doing the BIG jobs to keep our gardens happy and thriving.

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