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September in the School Garden

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Happy Fall Harvest from the Wickaninnish Community School Food Forest!

Back to School

Our students have returned, garden clubs have begun again for our autumn programs. We have been excited to get back to our gardens to explore the changes and harvest many of our summer fruits and veggies for Chef Ron. There is nothing like picking fresh organic apples, zucchini, kale, blackberries and squash straight from our Food Forest! Our neighbourhood elders brought us tomatoes, cucumber and apples for a taste test. Huge thank you to all the hand who watered and slug picked this summer!

Activities, Tastings + Learnings this Month

Apple harvest, taste test with varieties and created apple chips. Zucchini harvest, grated and in freezer for winter soups. Blackberries harvest, in freezer for jam creations. Pansies, kale and lettuce planted in pots. Herb teas created. Gardens weeded, lettuce, kale and brassica starts transplanted. Sunflower seeds harvested. Compost harvested. Calendula salve creations with Tamara. Cranberry taste test. Bug and slug homes. Wrapping our green tomatoes. Transplanting our beets. Harvesting. Love our herbs. Hey we still have flowers on our zucchini?

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